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Soziale Ökologie

The Doctoral program “Soziale Ökologie” is offered by the Institute of Social Ecology Vienna (SEC) to graduates from natural and social sciences, economics and technical studies. It is centered on the analysis of nature-society interactions to understand the emergence of environmental problems and societal possibilities to deal with these problems.

Close faculty-student working relationships, from small seminars to research projects and theses, are a hallmark of the institute. Teachers balance excellence in their fields with a dedication to their students, through both classroom instruction and independent study and research advising. Our teaching programmes span the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities and allow students to look beyond the limits of their disciplines. Regular visiting professors and a growing number of students from all over the world guarantee an inspiring international learning environment. The doctoral programme emphasizes original and independent scholarship. Thus independent work is a hallmark of PhD-education at the Institute of Social Ecology. PhD-students are engaged in state of the art socio-ecological research and lay the foundation for scientific careers. The programme takes 6 semesters. Alumni graduate with a PhD (Dr. phil.).

For more information see: Institute of Social Ecology, IFF Vienna


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