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Master Political Science

The master and doctorate programme of the Institute of Political Science offers courses in (international) environmental and resource politics, political ecology and the political science dimensions of societal relationships with nature. The thematic focus is on climate, agrarian, energy and biodiversity politics. Students will gain theoretical, empirical and methodical competencies. Respective courses are offered within module 4 (International Politics and Development) and 11 (research seminar) of the Master programme and as part of the Doctorate programme. Module 4 contains seminars (two hours weekly) which address processes and institutions in environmental and resource politics and aim to reflect them theoretically.

Furthermore, explicitly theoretical courses are offered within this module. Research seminars (four hours weekly) deal with concrete conflicts and problems (like the energy and food crisis or the environmental aspects of the economic crisis). Students get to know respective theories and methods and are required to write a research paper. From winter term 2011 onwards it is intended to offer a lecture on sustainability and societal relationships with nature together with other universities and research institutes in Vienna.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand (
Dr. Markus Wissen (

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