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Social- and Human Ecology

Sustainable Development as a socio-political vision requires an interdisciplinary approach to explore linkages between society and nature. Social- and Human Ecology combines various disciplines from social and natural sciences aiming to enlighten questions of sustainability, resource management and environmental protection. This opens up the questions like

  • How do societies influence nature?
  • Which natural resources do societies incorporate to sustain their metabolism?
  • How does a changing environment interact with society?
  • How do these processes change over time and how can these changes

be observed on different scales, from households to company level, in communities, national economies or at a global scale? In this Masters programme, students get familiar with fundamentals of social and
human ecology and gather theoretical and methodological knowledge for interdisciplinary work. Research oriented teaching is a hallmark of this programme. Students develop skills to transfer scientific knowledge into practice. These competences prepare for careers in academia, high profile jobs in administrations,
non governmental organisations, as well as in companies in the broad field of environmental consulting.

For more information see: Institute of Social Ecology, IFF Vienna

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